Can You See

The funny day started with the family, gathered around the television in their various states of mismatched pajamas and morning hair, flipping through the various horrid Saturday morning tv programs. The wide range of misshapen puppets, singing songs about I do not know what- footnote one-what happened to bugs bunny? What happened to the good old-fashioned looney toones? These programs are deranged and very strange. One set of puppets were dark purple with misplaced eyes throwing their puppet wired arms up and saying praise Jesus in a hysterical sort of way. The next channel brought puppets that look like nuns. While these puppets had much better craftsmanship than the previous channel, there was something sort of creepy watching puppets that were supposed to look like clergy. And then they all broke out in song. Next channel.

As we continued assessing our options we came across an old friend-Mr. Rogers. Strangely enough the family immediately became entranced with the wholesomeness of Fred. His kind singing, the sweater changing, shoe changing, clashing curtain decor and the final question of “Won’t you be my neighbor?”. In this particular episode a theme quickly developed surrounding recycling and the abundant creation of trash. Fred shows the kids how he cut a box out, placed lids with tape on the outside of the box as nobs to create a cardboard TV. Fred then proceeded to show everyone how to create puppets out of balls and handkerchiefs. Mr. Mcphealy (sp?) the mailman who looks likes someone we all know but can’t place, shows up with a goat. Yes a goat. All this wholesomeness bonding time with the family was really quite amazing to me. Well at least until the goat pooped. On camera. Ok. Great.

Of course commence instant rewind and laughing and DVRing and Tivo. Over and Over. Ok everyone. Next thing please.

Later we all load up for a basketball game. We walk into a gym where I see an old highschool teacher/basketball coach. I make a connection.

At about my bed time we all decide to load up again to go watch a high school basketball game. As I take a look around I could almost make a timeline of my life by the people in the gym. And the gym is packed.

When I was a young person watching Mr. Rogers I can honestly say I could have never predicted watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood with my children, some 30 years later. (or the goat pooping)

When I was wandering the halls of my highschool some 25 years ago and sat in the class of this particular teacher/coach, how could I possibly even entertain that one day his grandson would be playing basketball with my son and be on the same team? 25 years ago I could never have imagined such a thing. But somehow, someway the universe has aligned and allowed this intersection to take place again.

When I looked around the gym later in the evening at the highschool basketball game, the gym was littered with people who have touched my life in one way or another. Some of them have taught me how to love deeper, some of them have taught me patience, some have taught me friendship. I wonder what I have taught them? I wonder how many of these people will come across my path in the future, ones that I don’t even know. And even more so, why have we all been brought there together in this particular moment.

What we can’t see is how far and deep each one of our lives really matters. None of us know all the people who may be impacted by our existence, for the better or for the worse. We can’t see how important we may be to so many. In everything we do we can impact someone’s life. Can you see?


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