No Coincidence Please

Lately I have looked around in my life and have understanding in things I have never had an understanding about.  Or at least I feel as if I am starting to understand. A little bit.  Maybe.  For the sake of argument lets call this a finer understanding.  We are put here on this earth to serve others.  Great things are accomplished through small things. All for the greater good.  My whole life I have heard people say these things. But do you, do I understand them?  Do we really get them? What if everyone we came into contact with was an opportunity to serve God?  and I mean EVERYONE.  This right now seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life, usually happening several times a day.  I am humbled at the opportunities I am presented with on a daily basis. Sometimes I listen and serve, however and whatever the need may be and other times I just act like the call isn’t for me. I am trying harder to be more disciplined and aware. Maybe these opportunities have always been there and for whatever reason I never saw them.

So many people fill their lives, including myself at times, with things. Things to do, things to say, things to plan, things to buy, things to get rid of, things to watch.  Our lives have gotten to point where we have lost our peace.  We have become doubters. Doubters that something higher exists, something beautiful and right. I am searching for the right. Those moments where we know that we know without knowing how we know.  Too Deep? No lightweights please.

I believe there is proof that God exists.  I believe in each of us, our days are road maps in the universal plan, encouraging us to take the right turn, the left turn or pull off at this exit for rest.  I believe there is no such thing as coincidence. Ever. And I mean Ever. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t understand it when bad things happen to great people. I have wept at children’s funerals and cried the cry where anguish is exhaled with the same breath I need to inhale to help my body form the tear. I have felt the great need to envelope the child who goes home to nothing because his mother was killed. I don’t understand how the bad stuff happens. I don’t want it to happen. I am conflicted about this aspect of faith.

I do know that I have had so many coincidences in my life. And I mean a Ton.  If I were to compile a list of every coincidence in my life I could write a book. Or better yet, I could write a primetime drama similar to Lost without all that crazy magnetic time travel stuff.

So instead I will just make all you read it as it happens.


2 thoughts on “No Coincidence Please

  1. Carol Kelley says:

    Precious girl, what a tribute to the presence of God in your life. I believe in Him so intently and know that He has been the only reason for my being for a very long long time. Thank you for sharing and God Bless you and your marvelous family. It made my day when I rand into you and Warren at Sam’s and have thought about you often since then.

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